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Our Work

During the first stages of our business, we had the pleasure of creating some commission pieces. If you would like any of these products recreated or would like to start your own commission journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


Further down is a collection of previous work we did for industry partners Air New Zealand, the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute and Sanford. As this was only research-level work, we cannot recreate these products. However, we would like to share the work as inspiration for the beautiful possibilities of difficult or unique waste streams.

A commissioned set of six 3-dimensional models for an award-winning logotype.

Image - Heroshot - Samson.jpg
3D printed Shelving Joint

A commissioned shelving unit that was built from FSC sustainably sourced pine wood and 3D printed joints to house books, plants, gaming devices and a projector.

A commissioned set of three barnacle-inspired vases 3D printed out of recycled PLA filament.

Image - 2 - Barnacle Vases.jpg
Lustrous Light Chadelier

A 3D printed upcycled installation made from inflight plastic coffee stirrers that represent NZ identity and showcases localised circular manufacturing.

A series of 3D printed upcycled baskets repurposed from soft plastic bags and flax waste within the Aviation Tourism Industry.

3D Printed Basket From Soft Plastic & Flax
3D Printed Chair from Used Buoys

A prototype made from used buoys displaying the potential for circular upcycling in the New Zealand commercial fishing industry.

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