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Lustrous Lights





Best Template 2021 - Gold Badge.jpg

Best Design Awards Winner


ECC Lighting Design Award

Wellington, New Zealand

Lustrous Lights is a 3D printed upcycled installation made from inflight waste that represents NZ identity and demonstrates localised manufacturing. The Lustrous Lights series is an output of a research portfolio submitted to Victoria University of Wellington in fulfilment of a Master's Degree in Design Innovation. 

The complex plastic problem does not have a one size fits all solution; however, additive technologies and design can aid in the transition towards a circular economy and apply designed outputs to niche applications. The introduction of a 3D printed upcycling system can reutilise unwanted waste plastics, gain control of the material life-cycle and repurpose them into higher-quality products.

A materials-led investigation with Air New Zealand’s old polystyrene coffee stirrers resulted in a range of 3D printed artefacts with novel visual, tactile and structural qualities. The upcycled filament has a spectacular crystal quality which was utilised through designing a surface texture that resembles traditional Māori taniko patterns. The printed light shades were combined with aluminium fastenings and chrome fixtures to compliment, yet remain a focus on the elegant light shade patterns.

Lustrous Lights are designed for the Air New Zealand International Koru Lounges within Airports to showcase the airline's sustainable efforts and engage a wide audience with the possibilities of 3D printed upcycling. The geometric freedom of 3D printing allows each cylinder dimensions and pattern arrangement to be modified, designing a unique piece for every Koru Lounge space.

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