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SAMSON Letters




A collection of six models we 3D printed out of recycled PLA for the brand agency 'SEVEN'. The models were based on SEVEN's logotype they created for an intergenerational family-owned property company known as SAMSON.

Auckland, New Zealand

SAMSON is an intergenerational family-owned property company with key focuses on sustainable design, operational practices, and human-oriented spaces. The design firm 'SEVEN' captured these attributes through an outstanding logotype that takes bold architectural forms and a humanist approach to colour and typography. We were honoured to work with SEVEN to create physical representations of their design that were then beautifully photographed within Samson buildings.

Since working on this project, SEVEN has won two prominent design awards in lettering and typography in the TDC Awards in 2023.

Design Firm: SEVEN

Creative Director: Gideon Keith

Designer: James Powell

Photographers: Tash Hopkins & Yuki Sato

Strategist: Rebekah Hasloch

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