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3D printed Ripple Soap Tray. Made with either 98% - 100% recycled PLA plastic from used food packaging (matte) or recycled PETG plastic (glossy).


Please allow 3-5 days to print your order.

Ripple Soap Tray

  • The Ripple Soap Tray was inspired by the ever-changing sand ripple patterns found along the sprawling coastlines of New Zealand. 


    Use it to display and hold your favourite soaps with elegance. Whether in the bathroom or kitchen, this eye-catching design will undoubtedly bring a glimpse of our country's beautiful shoreline to your home.


    Dimensions -  24mm Height , 80mm Width, 110mm Length

    Weight - 60 grams


    *Disclaimer* As the designs are 3D printed, your products may have slight variations, each with its own unique characteristics to make them your very own.

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