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3D printed Flow Tissue Box. Made with either 98% - 100% recycled PLA plastic from used food packaging (matte) or recycled PETG plastic (glossy).


Please allow 3-5 days to print your order.

Flow Tissue Box

  • The Flow tissue box cover captures the fluid motion of waves and the graceful dance of ocean currents.


    Let your tissues be adorned by the natural beauty of the sea, and bring a touch of coastal tranquillity into your home.


    Available in a range of colours and finishes:


    Matte Colours: Blossom, Cobalt, Eggshell, Ochre, Sage, Terracotta.


    Glossy Colours: Black, Orange, White.


    Translucent Colours: Amber, Clear, Emerald, Sun Glow.


    Dimension: 135mm x 135mm x 145mm (fits standard square tissue box)

    Weight: 135 grams


    *Disclaimer* As the designs are 3D printed, your products may have slight variations, each with its own unique characteristics to make them your very own.

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